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 Clarence's Commissions of Array, 1466

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Clarence's Commissions of Array, 1466 Empty
PostSubject: Clarence's Commissions of Array, 1466   Clarence's Commissions of Array, 1466 EmptyMon May 19, 2014 9:12 am

This is a follow-up to my post on Richard's Commission of Array.  I've checked the CPR, 1461-7 index entries for Clarence.  There's also an Appendix titled Commissions of the Peace and of Array.  This Appendix lists the counties alphabetically, with commissions listed by date within the counties.  I found 5 Commissions of Array for Clarence, all dated 9 Apr. 1466, for the counties of:  Cornwall, Devonshire, Dorset, Somersetshire, and the County of Southamption.

I looked in my copy of Charles Ross' Edward IV for uprisings that Clarence's commissions might apply to.  It doesn't say much about events in 1466.  On p. 120, Ross summarizes continuing Lancastrian resistance:  "Rebels were taken in the Isle of Wight in 1466; the stubborn rebel Humphrey Nevill of Brancepeth was again active in Northumberland; and the Yorkist hold on Wales was being threatened by rebel activity.  In 1466 the garrison of Harlech sallied forth on a raid that took them seventy miles away to Wrexham, and the nervous captains of Beaumaris, Caernavon, and Montgomery Castles had to be reassured that they should have adequate reinforcements 'for the safeguarding of our strongholds considering our rebels be duly in the same country.'" (2)  [Footnote 2:  Cora Scofield, The Life and Reign of Edward IV, Vol. I, p. 423; Hist. MSS Comm. Reports, 54 (Beverly Corporation MSS), 142 and 15th Report, App. Part X (Shrewsbury Corporation MSS), 30; R.A. Griffiths, Royal government in the sourthern counties of the principality of Wales, upublished Ph.D. thesis, Bristol, 1962, pp. 552-9.]

Clarence was around 17 when he received these 5 commissions.  It would be interesting to compare his contributions in 1466 to 12-year old Gloucester's in 1464.

Does anyone know if the events Ross summarizes (in the Isle of Wight and Wales) are the rebellions Clarence was commissioned to recruit troops against?  I don't--at present--have access to any of the sources Ross cites.   If anyone can confirm or correct my guesswork, I'd appreciate your help.

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Clarence's Commissions of Array, 1466
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