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 Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book

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Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book Empty
PostSubject: Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book   Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book EmptyTue Jun 17, 2014 1:10 pm

If such an account book ever existed, it might have included payments for training in French tall-tale-telling techniques.   jocolor   

Tydder went along with French misrepresentations in order to receive French protection and financial support.  I hear echoes of those distortions when I re-read the Tudor versions of "Lambert Simnel's" and "Perkin Warbeck's" histories.  

Dudley and Empson's confessions after Henry VII's death suggest that Tudor and his officials felt  any story would do as long as the Tudors were powerful enough to force their version on the public.

At this point, the boundaries between fiction and fact are becoming very foggy.  I think it's likely that Tydder learned something about creating fog while he was in France.

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Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book Empty
PostSubject: Re: Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book   Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book EmptyThu Jun 19, 2014 11:52 am

His mother created fog all of the time. Combine her tactics with the French and you have...well, what we have.

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Henry Tydder's (hypothetical) exile account book
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