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 Endnotes to Bertram Fields' "Royal Blood: Mystery of the Princes"

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PostSubject: Endnotes to Bertram Fields' "Royal Blood: Mystery of the Princes"   Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:05 pm

In 2000, lawyer Bertram Fields published a strong rebuttal to certain authors’ hatchet jobs on Richard III.

A note in Royal Blood: Mystery of the Princes told readers they could find Fields’ endnotes in a file archived on his publisher’s site. The site was subsequently deleted from the Web, and the endnotes went missing.

Many months ago, a member of The Richard III Society discussion group managed to located the notes via the Wayback Machine.

To download a copy of the endnotes, go here:

Bertram Fields' Endnotes

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Endnotes to Bertram Fields' "Royal Blood: Mystery of the Princes"
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