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 VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas

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VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas Empty
PostSubject: VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas   VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 9:28 pm

Description of video: "Without the use of modern conveniences, a group of historians and archaeologists prepare a Tudor feast as it would have been over 400 years ago. They wear clothes from the period, source food from the land, and use recipes from the era. They turn the clock back to rediscover a way of life from an age gone by."

I think the preparations for this "Tudor Feast" are much as they would have been in Richard's day. It's all about recreating the meal. We take our modern conveniences for granted. The way they heated the oven and baked bread amazed me. Actually, it all amazed me. Yeah, these were the good old days...just not for the kitchen staff. Still, it was better than some other medieval jobs I can think of.

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VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas   VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas EmptyTue Mar 25, 2014 11:29 pm

I watched it last night, keeping in mind that little (except the state religion and those godawful fashions, some of which I think were more Stuart than Tudor) had changed since Richard's time, at least in terms of the way a manor house or large estate was run. When the woman mentioned that female servants had to be strong, I thought of poor Anne Neville as a kitchen maid. (It must have been even worse for her at an ale house or tavern than a manor house. Or could George have hidden her in his own kitchen? I doubt he was that stupid.)

I also watched another video that I saw in the links on the right-hand side of the page, something about children in medieval times. It started in 1450 with, of all people, Margaret Beaufort and the marriage that Henry VI had arranged for her. Fortunately for my interest (and my nerves), it veered away from her, talking mostly about boys and the three paths open to them: work, prayer, and fighting. It also talked about death in childhood and medieval children at play, probably the most interesting segment. Then it returned to MB as a wealthy heiress and therefore a pawn. It mentioned her early and dangerous pregnancy, the death of her husband--and the wonderful result of that pregnancy, the first Tudor king who ended the medieval era and brought glory to England. (I won't describe my reaction in detail, but I was thoroughly disgusted. At least, he didn't say anything bad about Richard. In fact, he didn't mention him at all.) But aside from glorifying the Tudors (briefly) and perpetuating the myth that the Middle Ages, at least in England, ended with Henry's victory at Bosworth Field, it was an interesting video. If you follow the link in the previous post and then look for the medieval children video in the links to the right, you'll find it.
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VIDEO: Recreation of a [Medieval] Feast at Christmas
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