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 How many Richards are there?

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PostSubject: How many Richards are there?    Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:35 am

I have lots and lots of questions going around in my head, and wonder what others think:  
What is actually the modern image of Richard III? Is it really still "evil Richard", or are people not aware by now that Shakespeare is not history?
Is there only one, or are there not rather a number of different Richards in the public mind, in the individual minds?

If I look at myself as a starting point, there are several Richards:

- the evil Shakespeare villain, fictional, threatrical, a charismatic character.

- the good and often romantic Richard, of novels like Under the Hog (~1928), Daughter of Time (1951), Sunne in Splendour etc., and many other modern authors, and the recent show "The White Queen".

- the Traditionalist Richard (of some historians and authors)

- the Revisionist Richard (of the Richard III Society and some historians and authors)

- and recently, "The Real Richard", the human being whose remains have been found, and whose skeleton tells us so many dramatic stories about his life and death, and who is taken from the past and placed into our hightech real life today.

For me there are basically three very different Richards, which co-exist side by side, but don't have much in common: the Shakespearean one, the fictional one in novels and on the internet, and the real one, whose image doesn't get clearer despite (or because) of the many many books about him.

Now I wonder how others deal with these contradictory images. Do you also have several Richards in your world, and how do you deal with the contradictions?

Editing to add: I just see that I have posted this in a wrong category. Apologies, and admin, could you please move it to an appropriate place. Tks.

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How many Richards are there?
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